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1988 / Frisian (dutch) mama / certified babywearing consultant & mother of 4 / I study: Multimedia Marketing


Trageschule Hamburg Basic Course Trageschule Hamburg Progressions
+ certification


Training at L’école à porter


CBWS foundations
CBWS progressions
Slingababy UK training


Pregnancy Belly wrapping methods (FTZB MAINZ)


Diversity and inclusivity (lecture)
Tandemwearing (Didymos/Laketa Kemp)
Babywearing in Cameroon (Didymos / Loretta Nouatong)
Ring Finishes (Didymos/Marloes de Graaf
Clauwi Modul 1
Kinesthetic Infant Handling
DIDYMOS babywearing educator training
Babywearing & Rectus Diastasis (Sarah Söldner)
Masterclass Babywearing & braces, casts or clubfoot treatment


In arms carrying consultant – Mel Cyrille

Every baby wants to be carried. This can be in arms, or supported with a carrier. When I started babywearing I knew one thing: I didn’t want to use a long wrap. Way too complicated!
I hope my videos can make it less intimidating for everyone.
I’ve helped many families all over the world with my YouTube videos and now I’m here to help you!

I trained with different babywearing schools as the insights and ‘’rules’’ on babywearing seem to be different between countries and trainers.
I hope to bring the tools along to find a suitable carry/carrier for every situation. Comfort and safety are the most important guidelines when it comes to babywearing. And a lot is possible to find whatever suits your family the best!

Let me know if you need help


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